South Africa: Rail freight strike hits mining industry hard

Published on : 14/10/2022 – 00:13 The South African government is sounding the alarm. The strike by employees of the public transport company Transnet continues and affects the export of raw materials, a vital sector for the country’s economy. Transnet operates the rail freight network and all ports in South Africa. Its employees went on … Read more

new inflation record in the euro zone

Published on : 02/07/2022 – 06:46 New inflation record in Europe: the inflation rate in the 19 countries sharing the euro as a single currency stood at 8.6% over one year in June, after 7.4% in April and 8.1 % in May, announced Eurostat. This primarily affects the energy sector, but also food prices. Historically, … Read more

the production of Toblerone partially relocated to Slovakia

Published on : 25/06/2022 – 13:54 What if chocolate only had Swiss name…? That’s what happens to Toblerone, that world-famous, triangle-shaped candy bar. The American group Mondelez, which owns the brand, has decided to relocate part of the production to Slovakia. It doesn’t change the taste of chocolate. But that changes everything for the image … Read more

Senegal: Dakar millers go on flour strike

Published on : 07/06/2022 – 00:03 In Dakar and since Friday evening, the seven flour milling companies have decided to suspend their flour deliveries. They claim the payment of the compensatory premium that the State is slow to pay. An untenable situation that forces professionals in the sector to dig into their cash. Senegal, like … Read more

the brewer Solibra loses the market for bottling Coca-Cola products

Published on : 07/05/2022 – 11:27 In Côte d’Ivoire, the brewer Solibra will no longer bottle Coca-Cola products. The partnership between the Ivorian brewer, a subsidiary of Castel, and the American giant will end at the end of June, after 25 years of collaboration. It is a separation by mutual agreement, according to an internal … Read more

In 2021, contrasting global wine production between North and South

Published on : 27/04/2022 – 18:42 Contrasting wine production in 2021, according to the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV). Big drops in production have been recorded in the northern hemisphere, and particularly in France. Losses partially offset by excellent results recorded in the Southern Hemisphere. In the top three which remains unchanged, all … Read more