The Benefits of Cold Water on Psychological State: Insights from Kinesiotherapist Amir Al-Dagher

2023-09-28 11:33:53 Al-Marsad newspaper: Kinesiotherapist Amir Al-Dagher revealed that cold water affects the psychological state for the better, in response to a question regarding the effect of the “cold jacuzzi” on the psychological state. Al-Dagher said during his interview on the Finjan podcast: Cold water affects the psychological state and inflammation and relieves tension, pressure, … Read more

less than one in two women aged 50 to 74 were screened in 2022

2023-09-26 15:26:41 The absence of symptoms, the fear of having pain and the fear of being diagnosed with breast cancer are the reasons given by women who have not had their mammogram. The month of October is fast approaching, as is its annual campaign to raise awareness among women about breast cancer screening. For this … Read more

victim of its success, the Beyfortus is partly reserved for maternity wards

2023-09-27 06:36:31 The Ministry of Health has announced that the Beyfortus treatment will ultimately be reserved for maternity wards in order to protect those most at risk. The Beyfortus treatment, which aims to immunize babies against the main virus causing bronchiolitis, will ultimately be reserved for maternity wards in its version intended for the smallest … Read more

first global manufacturer of sterilization packaging materials to offer renewable resource-based solutions for the healthcare sector

2023-09-26 07:26:01 Leader in the manufacturing of sterilization packaging for medical device manufacturers, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry, the Group has placed innovation at the heart of its development to reconcile performance and sustainability. With sales in more than 120 countries and a presence on 3 continents, it intends to double its size within 5 … Read more

In India, the Nipah virus resurfaces and kills two people in Kerala

2023-09-19 12:45:17 Transmitted by bats, often fatal, this virus causes fever, vomiting and serious respiratory and neurological infections. Indian authorities launched a virological testing campaign on Thursday September 14 to stop the spread of the Nipah virus, a deadly disease already causing two deaths in the state of Kerala, in southern India. At least four … Read more