Devastating Fire in Tripoli Engulfs Al-Jisrain Area: Updates and Relief Efforts

2023-10-16 05:39:00 Tripoli – An-Nahar A large fire broke out at night in the Al-Jisrain area, around the Al-Baraniya neighborhood in Tripoli, destroying large parts of the bale stands in Al-Mahalla and extending to the surroundings of the houses in the Al-Baraniyah neighborhood and the vicinity. I heard the sounds of heavy gunfire to wake … Read more

Army Unit Conducts Successful House Raids and Arrests in the Gold Market Shooting Case: Updates and Investigations

2023-07-07 19:26:00 The Army Command – Directorate of Orientation announced that “on 6 and 7/7/2023, an army unit, supported by a patrol from the Intelligence Directorate in the Al-Tarabea – Tripoli area, carried out house raids and pursued and arrested citizens for their involvement in a dispute and shooting in the Gold Market area between … Read more

Lebanon Theater Festival: an annual celebration of women’s monodrama

2023-05-19 14:43:17 The “Lebanon International Theater Festival for Women’s Monodrama” concludes the activities of its third session in the cities of Tripoli and Tyre, by awarding its prizes to the winners, and honoring the artistic Bendali family and actress Julia Kassar. The festival was held under the slogan “Women are a force for change”, as … Read more

“Tragic Shooting of Infant in Abi Samra: The Full Story and Updates”

2023-05-09 19:13:15 The infant “p.a.” passed away. (6 months) after being shot by a gunshot wound inside his family’s house in Abi Samra – Tripoli, according to what was reported by the representative of “Lebanon 24” in the North. According to the information, the child was injured along with his older brother, “W.A.” (12 years … Read more

“Breaking News: Armed Dispute at Al-Ma’rad-Tripoli Real Estate Office with Casualties – Latest Updates and Investigations”

2023-05-02 20:22:00 An armed dispute took place in the locality of Al-Ma’rad-Tripoli, during which gunfire was fired at a real estate office. s. With a gunshot wound to the foot, A.K., and a third person whose identity has not been known until now, while the Red Cross personnel took over the transfer of the wounded … Read more

Launching the Lebanon International Film Festival in Tripoli

2023-04-25 21:00:34 The “Tiro Association of Arts” and “Istanbuli Theater” announced the program of the second session of the “Lebanon International Film Festival for Short Films”, which will be held from April 28 to 30 at the “Free Lebanese National Theater” in Tripoli, under the slogan “Cinema for All”. And a tribute to the late … Read more