TV presenter Barbara Walters dies at 94

TV presenter and author Barbara Walters has died at the age of 93. CNN with reference to the representative of Mrs. Walters Cindy Berger. The information was also confirmed by the TV channel ABC. Barbara Walters was the first American journalist to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Barbara Walters passed away at her home surrounded … Read more

Borodina in a luxurious white dress with frills showed off on a yacht, coquettishly illuminating her slender legs

The host of Doma-2, Ksenia Borodina, recently returned from Bodrum, Turkey, where she spent almost a month with her daughters and friends. Rest seems to have become a habit. So, this weekend, Ksenia Borodina also arranged a chill for herself on one of the reservoirs of the Moscow region. Apparently, as on vacation in Turkey, … Read more

Malakhov admitted the existence of a twin brother

Andrey Malakhov made a sensational confession. It turns out that the star of the TV channel “Russia 1” has a twin brother who replaces him at events. In addition, Robbie Deripaska, that is the name of the showman’s twin, can go to meetings with the presenter’s beloved women. True, it turned out that the “second … Read more

Vdovin Nikolaev’s wife, in a lavender dress, bared her breasts. A photo

Natalia Mikheeva Leading TV channel “Russia 1” Elena Nikolaeva announced that she was going on vacation. Elena Nikolaeva. Photo: social networks TV presenter Elena Nikolaev and wife of businessman Igor Widow announced in the microblog that she was going on vacation. Temporarily, she will not conduct morning broadcasts on the Russia 1 TV channel. The … Read more

Kurban Omarov showed the former and current chosen ones. A photo

Natalia Mikheeva The ex-husband of Ksenia Borodina proved that his passions are friends with each other. And no one forbids him. Kurban Omarov. Photo: social networks Former husband of the leading “House-2” Ksenia Borodina Sacrifice Lobster responded to her recent outburst. Borodina said that husbands should be banned communication with former lovers. Probably, it was … Read more

it became known where Dmitry Shepelev went

Natalia Mikheeva TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev and his beloved went to “refresh” in Karelia. Dmitry Shepelev and Ekaterina Tulupova. Photo: social networks Popular TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev and his beloved Ekaterina Tulupova love travel. And a thrill, apparently. On warm May days, the couple, who had previously promised not to leave Russia, went to Karelia … Read more