Controversy and Triumph: MasterChef Celebrity Season 6 Winner Revealed, Juliana Galvis Reacts to Territorial Election Results

2023-10-30 17:48:29 The sixth season of MasterChef Celebrity came to an end several days ago, leaving Carolina Acevedo as the undisputed winner. However, a whole controversy broke out after the triumph of the famous actress, because beyond becoming a trend on social networks, there was no shortage of criticism for “cheating”, making it clear that … Read more

A Journey of Resilience: Margarita Ortega’s Triumphs and Struggles in National Entertainment

2023-10-22 23:15:28 Being part of national entertainment brings with it not only great recognition at the national level, but also allows various personalities to win the affection of the public. Such is the case of Margarita Ortega, who for several years has appeared as an actress, writer, journalist and presenter, appearing in various soap operas … Read more

Sebastián Martínez: How Acting Saved His Life and His Successful Career

2023-09-24 02:10:51 Sebastián Martínez is one of the best-known actors in the country, taking into account his extensive career on the Colombian screen in productions such as ‘Hasta que la plata nos separe’, ‘Pálpito’, ‘Rosario Tijeras’, ‘Pa’ Quierorte’ and ‘Forbidden Games’, a novel in which he met his current wife, also an actress, Kathy Sáenz. … Read more

Pasión de Gavilanes Season 3: Mario Cimarro Confirms the Continuation of the Colombian Soap Opera

2023-09-13 01:57:00 Season 2 of “Pasión de gavilanes” became a reality 19 years after the first appearance of the Colombian soap opera. In 2003, the small screen was not the same with the story of the Kings and Elizondo, between love and revenge. This is how the story has continued, two decades later, with the … Read more

Sebastián Caicedo’s Revealing Interview: Love, Divorce, and Finding God in Relationships

2023-09-08 17:11:49 Sebastián Caicedo is one of the most recognized actors in the entertainment sphere in Colombia, since from a very young age he became part of productions such as ‘Los Reyes’, ‘El Señor de los Cielos’, ‘Without breasts there is no paradise’. In addition, his famous relationship with the actress Carmen Villalobos with whom … Read more

Discover the Intriguing Story of ‘Nadie de como tú’ – A Telenovela Filled with Love, Betrayal, and Family Secrets!

2023-08-13 01:40:00 Can you imagine being left for dead as a baby and 21 years later discovering that you are part of an important family that has always treated you as their enemy? This is the plot of “Nadie de como tú”, the new telenovela from TelevisaUnivision that revolves around Ximena, a young mezcalera woman … Read more