840.8 million dirhams in purchases of local stocks by Emiratis

2023-10-23 21:16:22 Hossam Abdelnaby (Abu Dhabi) Local stock market indices reduced the pace of their declines in recent days, starting this week’s trading with good increases at the beginning of trading before closing with acceptable declines of 0.33% for the Abu Dhabi Securities Market index, and a decline of 0.57% for the Dubai Financial Market … Read more

41.3 million dirhams, net purchase of foreigners in local stocks

2023-09-25 21:02:10 Hossam Abdelnaby (Abu Dhabi) Foreign investors continued their purchases in the local stock markets, bringing their net transactions in yesterday’s trading session to 41.32 million dirhams as a result of purchases, including net purchases in the Dubai Financial Market of about 39.35 million dirhams and 1.97 million dirhams net purchases in the Abu … Read more