Rodrigo González said that ‘Choca’ Mandros was possessed by ‘Chibolín’, when he did a drag queen show in ‘The artist of the year’ | OPINION

HELLO, MY BARRUNTO. I arrive packed to tell you the latest from ‘Chollywood’ … NATALIE VÉRTIZ returned to Lima with YACO and her little one LIAM, stating that she is already 31 weeks pregnant and is eager to hold her baby. Bib for daddies … RODRIGO GONZÁLEZ said ‘Crash’ MANDROS He was possessed by ‘Chibolín’, … Read more

Alexandra Balarezo sent the warrior Hugo García to the ‘friendzone’ | OPINION

HELLO, MY BARRUNTO. I arrive packed to tell you the latest from ‘Chollywood’ … The model ALEXANDRA BALAREZO sent the warrior to the ‘friendzone’ HUGO GARCÍA, despite the fact that they were traveling together, because he repeated several times that they are just friends. Ayayayyy … ‘TEDDY’ Y MITER DENTAL They returned to the conduction … Read more

The reaction of Magaly Medina after an invitation to leave by John Kelvin (VIDEO) | infidelity | ampay | SHOWS

After the singer John Kelvin invited to dinner Magaly medina, the show host scoffed and labeled “misplaced”, by asking: When have you seen me dine with a cumbiambero? When have you seen me dine with someone with whom I interview, criticize or support? ”. SIGHT: They capture Milena Zárate’s boyfriend dating the singer Thamara Gómez … Read more

They spread “ampay” to Milena Zárate’s boyfriend with the singer Thamara Gómez (VIDEO) | singer | cumbia | indifelity | SHOWS

Updated on 05/27/2021 09:08 pm The couple of Milena Zárate, known as ‘Tito’, was the protagonist of a “Ampay” with the cumbia singer, Thamara Gomez. Both were captured by the cameras of the program “Amor y Fuego” in the truck of the colombian Milena Zárate. SIGHT: Janet Barboza swears that Christian Domínguez has “rehabilitated” after … Read more

John Kelvin Stefany Camus: “I don’t want to see any shows” | Magaly Medina | SHOWS

After the images of his ‘ampay’ leaving a hotel, the cantante John Kelvin contacted his outgoing identified as Stefany Camus to ask him not to give any statement for any program of shows. LOOK HERE: Magaly Medina on John Kelvin: “There are men who do not have blood on their faces” The program of Magaly … Read more