Bayamón triumphs in Miss Puerto Rico Petite 2021

Yannina Ruiz Rosa, 22 years old and representative of the municipality of Bayamón, won the Miss Puerto Rico Petite 2021 title yesterday, Saturday night, prevailing … Read more

A tremor is felt in the northeast of the Island

At dawn today, Saturday, an earthquake was felt in the Northeast of Puerto Rico with a preliminary magnitude of 4.7. This was confirmed this morning … Read more

Biden will disburse billions in delayed funds for reconstruction in Puerto Rico

The administration of President Joe Biden would be willing to disburse billions in disaster recovery and protection funds for Puerto Rico, according to the New … Read more

About 100,000 Unemployment claimants have not yet completed the process to extend their benefits and receive retroactive $ 300

The Secretary of Labor, Carlos Rivera Santiago, reported Thursday that “in the specific case of claimants who qualify to carry out their extension of benefits … Read more

Change of position in republicans could bring the $ 600 weekly unemployment

$ 600 weekly supplemental unemployment aid could come back in the new economic stimulus package being negotiated by Republican and Democratic lawmakers, as well as … Read more

What the beneficiaries of the $ 600 weekly unemployment should know

This week ends the $ 600 weekly unemployment that thousands of Puerto Ricans participating in state unemployment programs and those created by the Cares Law … Read more