Unni Mukundan | Support for Unni Mukundan, no one has right to make personal attacks: V.C. Aspirational

There was a lot of controversy after the conversation between actor Unni Mukundan and YouTuber went viral on social media. During this conversation, Unni’s family members and the child star of the Malikappuram movie were also mentioned badly by the other party. Unni also gave a Facebook post after the incident. During this time, supporting … Read more

‘Unnimukunda has so identified with Swami Ayyappan’; PS Sreedharan Pillai

Governor of Goa PS Sreedharanpilla congratulated Malikappuram movie starring Unnimukundan. Sreedharan Pillai wrote on Facebook that Malikappuram gave him a completely different experience as a person who rarely goes to the theater to watch movies. The crew can be proud of making such a film. He also opined that everyone can enjoy the film based … Read more

Mass hit by Unni Mukundan and his team; ‘Malikappuram’ for UK release

First Published Jan 9, 2023, 10:02 PM IST ThThe movie ‘Malikappuram’, which continues to be screened with great reactions on the internet, is now coming to the UK. Actor Unni Mukundan has announced that the film will hit theaters in the UK on January 13. ‘Hello UK, Ayyappan is coming’, Unni Mukundan wrote while sharing … Read more

Malikappuram actor unni mukundan reveals his real name and the reason to change the name to unni mukundan That name has no punch and needs to be changed; The actor revealed that Unni Mukundan is not his real name

With the release of the movie Malikappuram, the star value of actor Unni Mukundan is also rising. Unni Mukundan and Malikappuram are trending now including on social media. Unni Mukundan’s Malikappuram is moving forward with great response and huge box office collections. Many are of the opinion that Unni Mukundan has started to reach the … Read more

‘Rajumon, if there is anything to show in the name of Guruvayoorappan..’; threat | Prithviraj | Unni Mukundan | Malikappuram | Basil Joseph

Prithviraj and Basil Joseph’s latest film is ‘Guruvayoor Ambalanadail’. The title of the film was announced yesterday. This is a film directed by Vipin Dasam after the hit film Jaya Jaya Jaya Hai. Due to the uniqueness of Prithviraj Basil Combo, movie lovers have taken the announcement of the film with great enthusiasm. But now … Read more

Unni Mukundan is crying, the experience of returning from Ayyappaswamy’s stable; Praising the actor, K. Surendran | K Surendran Pens Watching experience about Malikappuram movie

NoBJP state president K. praised Tun Unni Mukundan and Malikappuram cinema. Surendran. Surendran wrote on Facebook that the film gave him the experience of going to Sabarimala and returning home to Ayyappaswamy. Everyone who has gone to Sabarimala has a presence of Swami that they feel somewhere in their journey. That is what we were … Read more