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Updated on 06/05/2020 at 08:09 We are all born with a talent, but only perseverance and practice make us perfect it. That was well understood … Read more

Coronavirus USA – United States | Latest news LIVE: deaths and cases of Covid-19 in the United States, today Tuesday, June 2 – Donald Trump – USA – New York – pandemic – quarantine

The US economy could be $ 15.7 trillion smaller in the next decade if Congress does not mitigate the economic damage from the pandemic of … Read more

Coronavirus USA | Covid-19 LIVE TODAY May 7, 2020 | News, Cases and Deaths from Pandemic in New York Florida California New Jersey | Donald Trump | WHO | Andrew Cuomo | Minute by minute USA

23:00 United States registered on Thursday 1,254,740 positive cases and 75,543 deaths due to coronavirus, according to the count made by Johns Hopkins University. In … Read more

nearly half of Americans breathe unhealthy air

A report by the American Lung Association released Tuesday states that about half of Americans breathe unhealthy air and there is environmental pollution in nine … Read more

Towards the new normal in Miami

In South Florida, authorities are considering reopening beaches and public parks, toward a “new normal” scenario. With more than 23,300 infected with COVID-19, in that … Read more