Steam Deck: Revolutionizing Handheld Gaming with Stable Performance and Long-Term Growth

2023-09-23 03:17:02 Valve’s Steam Deck has successfully started the handheld trend again. Facing more and more competitors, the development team is not in a hurry to launch the next generation of products. What they want to do is to provide a stable and reliable game for the entire gaming industry. Development Platform. In 2022, Valvle … Read more

2024 Steam Sales and Game Festival Events Announced by Valve: Mark Your Calendars!

2023-09-21 06:20:37 2023 is not over yet, Valve announced in advance the dates of all scheduled Steam sales and game festival events in the spring of 2024, including 5 new game festival events. According to the official announcement, there will also be four major seasonal sales in 2024, and the most important one in spring … Read more

Valve’s Steam Deck gets performance and external display improvements with new Steam Deck OS 3.5 update

2023-09-20 00:51:00 Steam Deck OS 3.5 is available to try now on Valve’s Preview channel. (Image source: Alexander Andrews) Valve has released Steam Deck OS 3.5 on its Preview software channel. Although the version number suggests this is a minor release, Valve has added many features, including reduced APU power consumption, HDR support, and integration … Read more

Discover the Story Behind Left 4 Dead 2’s Beloved Baby Crocodile, Fred

2023-09-13 04:13:52 As Valve celebrates the 20th anniversary of Steam, the most beloved zombie shooting game “Left 4 Dead 2” by players around the world has also recently received a wave of small updates after 14 years of its release. Although it is routine. Sexual maintenance, but the Vavle team gave L4D2 fans a piece … Read more

AI Copyright in Fundraising Projects: Kickstarter’s New Policy & Guidelines

2023-08-03 06:29:00 With the rise of artificial intelligence, the identification of “copyright” will become more and more difficult. The fundraising platform Kickstarter announced a new policy today (3rd). If future fundraising plans involve projects that use artificial intelligence (AI) to a certain extent, it needs to be stated. This policy includes video games, but this … Read more

The free classic shooting “Jedi Fortress 2” summer update has been installed, and Steam has reached a new record | 4Gamers

2023-07-13 08:58:51 Valve’s free multiplayer shooting “Team Fortress 2” (Team Fortress 2) recently implemented the 2023 summer update, allowing this 16-year-old game to set a new record for simultaneous online players on Steam, and this wave of updates did not come from Valve Team production, but TF2 many workshop community members. In February of this … Read more