Details of the disappearance of a Saudi youth in America minutes after he went out on the street with his friends

Exclusive translation: Cleveland, Ohio, USA, announced the missing of a 30-year-old Saudi citizen. The police said in a statement that the youth was reported missing on January 27, 2023 at approximately 10 am. Reportedly, the young man went out yesterday evening in the downtown area with his friends. And he went with a group to … Read more

A distinctive astronomical phenomenon.. Mars will disappear behind the moon tomorrow

Date 12/6/2022 9:11:27 PM (MENAFN– Khaberni) Tell me – Earth’s population will witness, in the early hours of tomorrow morning, Thursday, a distinctive astronomical phenomenon, which is the complete disappearance of the planet Mars behind the moon, an event known as “occultation”. Today, Wednesday, the moon will approach Mars in the night sky, and at … Read more

The disappearance of a girl under mysterious circumstances in Muzahimiyah, amid reports of her kidnapping – photo • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A few hours ago, the hashtag “Known Princess Al-Muzahimiyah” was published on the Twitter platform in the Kingdom. The pioneers of social networking sites shared a picture of the missing girl, who some indicated may have been kidnapped. They pointed out that the last thing the girl Amira did was to leave her … Read more

Ali Baba’s Cave in the Ministry of Health… The disappearance of a gift for an immune drug for cancer: a new scandal

Two weeks ago, a gift of an immunosuppressive drug called “Opdivo” arrived in Lebanon for the Ministry of Health, but… as if it had not arrived. This two-month giveaway for cancer patients who need this immunotherapy to survive, expired in two weeks! As soon as he reached the ministry, he disappeared, and with it the … Read more

The disappearance of a young man in mysterious circumstances in the city… and his father reveals the specifications of the last clothes he was wearing

Al-Marsad newspaper – Attia Al-Kahili: The father of the young man, Raed Hamad Al-Mudhaibri, who has been absent from their home in Medina, in mysterious circumstances since Thursday afternoon, corresponding to Muharram 7, 1444 AH, appealed to search for him. Al-Rashidi explained that his 29-year-old son, Raed, is (natural) and does not suffer from any … Read more

Al-Akhbar: “Disappearance” permits Archbishop Al-Hajj to cross into the occupied territories!

Al-Akhbar newspaper learned that the military judiciary sent official correspondence to all security services, the day after the arrest procedures for Archbishop Musa Al-Hajj and what followed it turned into a case of public opinion, asking him to inform him of the nature of the “exceptional” permit that allows the patriarchal representative to the Holy … Read more