Fabien Dufour: The Uninhabitable House and its Consequences – A Costly Legal Decision in Tournai

2023-10-03 03:55:00 Fabien Dufour has lived at number 54 rue de la Madeleine in Tournai for more than ten years now. But not everything has gone as it should since he became the owner of the building. Since 2018 and the visit of a neighborhood agent, the house has been declared uninhabitable, which the owner … Read more

Stuck with a Broken Stair Lift: Catherina’s Domestic Ordeal and Mobilae’s Maintenance Failure

2023-10-02 09:33:00 Catherina has been going through a real domestic ordeal for six months. In April, his stair lift installed by Mobilae in 2016 broke down. The problem? The device is stuck on the first floor after an unsolicited rise, due to a problem with the lever. of videos The Belgian then finds herself stuck … Read more

4 zodiac signs that will be very lucky in October.. Are you among them?

2023-09-30 04:47:49 The month of October is approaching and a promising period is unfolding for 4 lucky signs. It is as if the stars are conspiring in their favor, offering them multiple opportunities to go further and achieve their goals. Success awaits them and their endeavors will flourish with diversity. Who are these zodiac signs? … Read more

Fatal Stabbing at Wallonia Festivals: Arrest Made and Case Extended – Latest Updates and Videos

2023-09-22 14:12:59 During the night from Friday to last Saturday, Akramat, a 19-year-old from Namur, received a fatal stab wound during a brawl. The young boy, of Chechen origin, died during his journey in an ambulance. The alleged perpetrator of the stabbing, a young 21-year-old from Hutois, was arrested a few hours after the incident … Read more

Title: “Winter Driving Safety Tips by Benoît Godart: Stay Safe on the Road”

2023-09-21 09:44:43 Safety advice from Benoît Godart on the road By CG Driving during the winter season is sometimes difficult to understand for some drivers. Benoît Godart, spokesperson for Vias, offers three tips to ensure you travel safely. Be in condition: “When you decide to get behind the wheel when the roads present a certain … Read more