The Mystery of the Huccorgne Viaduct: Uncovering the Surprising Return of Construction Work

2023-11-21 17:30:00 Since Monday morning, users of the E42 coming from the Liège region have been wondering as they approach the Huccorgne viaduct in the direction of Namur. The third lane is withdrawn from traffic while the speed is reduced to 70 km/h. The system begins well upstream of the structure and continues beyond towards … Read more

Here’s a job for the biggest Harry Potter fans

2023-11-13 14:51:41 Here is a job that should please Harry Potter fans! Scottish company ScotRail is looking for train drivers to take its travelers through the Scottish countryside, “along some of the most picturesque railway routes in the world”, it reads in recruitment announcement. And among these famous places regularly crossed by ScotRail train drivers … Read more

Preventing Suicides at the Remouchamps Viaduct: A Life-Saving Intervention by Emergency Services

2023-09-26 15:43:47 Tuesday, during the afternoon, emergency services were called to intervene in Remouchamps where a man had the firm intention of ending his life. In fact, a man aged around thirty and residing in Rocourt, in the territory of the city of Liège, wanted to take his own life. He therefore headed towards Remouchamps … Read more

Reducing Road Deaths: Insights from the 2022 Road Safety Barometer

2023-08-13 19:42:05 Posted on Thursday, July 13, 2023 at 2:55 p.m. According to the Road Safety Barometer established by the Vias Institute, the number of road deaths increased sharply last year in 2022, in Wallonia (+22%) and in Brussels, where it rose from 6 to 21 deaths. . of videos On the other hand, Flanders … Read more

Massive Rave Party with 250 People under Sart-Bernard Viaduct – Residents Amazed

2023-08-13 14:18:20 Following a call from residents, the Arches police discovered that a rave party was organized under the Sart-Bernard viaduct (Assesse). No less than 250 people had gathered. Read also A rave party brings together 4,000 people in Sombreffe: “We just wanted to celebrate the new year” (photos + video) Some came from afar … Read more

Delays and Traffic Jams: Latest Updates on Herstal Viaduct Expansion Joint Replacement Work

2023-06-16 09:21:27 This is news that may not please motorists using the Herstal viaduct on the E40 motorway. The expansion joint replacement work, which started on May 3 and was supposed to be completed this Saturday, June 17 after many delays, has been extended again, this time until June 23! Read also Huge traffic jams … Read more