Grain company top killed in southern Ukraine, Russian military shelling = local authorities | Reuters

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Trump suggests re-running, first speech after retiring in Washington | Reuters

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Ukrainian President, Security Bureau / Prosecution Top Dismissal | Reuters

[キーウ(キエフ) 19日 ロイター] –Ukrainian President Zelensky has dismissed Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Secretary and Attorney General Benedictova. SBUs and prosecution officials cooperated with Russia in … Read more

Biden fails to commit to security and increased oil production attends Arab summit | Reuters

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Sri Lanka Involvement in Debt Restructuring, Benefits to China = US Treasury Secretary | Reuters

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen emphasized on July 14 that China is Sri Lanka’s “significant creditor” and that any involvement in Sri Lanka’s debt restructuring … Read more

Ukraine destroys Russian army ammunition depot Large-scale offensive to recapture the southern part | Reuters

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Swiss President Confiscates Frozen Russian Assets and Requests for Ukrainian Reconstruction

On July 5, Swiss President and Foreign Minister Denys Shmyhal (pictured) at a press conference at the “Ukraine Reconstruction Conference” held in Ukraine, where Ukrainian … Read more

Russia’s eastern Lugansk domination “turning point”, expert predicts “decisive battle is southern” | Reuters

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Intensified battle over the last important point in eastern Ukraine, possible fall | Reuters

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Mr. Trump demands “go to parliament”, quarrels with the guards = House of Representatives hearing | Reuters

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