Young man slept one night in sewers in the center of Bogotá and told about his experience

A few months ago the story of the man who lives in a sewer in the center of Bogota for more than 20 years. (See also: Young man entered the remembered Cici Aquapark and was surprised: do they do dark rites?) It is street dweller, known as Lucas, adapted this place to make it his … Read more

VIRAL VIDEO | Takefusa Kubo and his explanation of Japan’s comeback in perfect Spanish: “It came out of p … madre” | World Cup Qatar 2022 | RMMD | DTBN | WORLD

Takefusa Kubofigure of Japan formed in Spain, went viral on social networks this Wednesday after the reassembled of your selection on Germany in the World Cup Qatar 2022, and not precisely because of its influence on the most commented result of the day. After the match, the Real Sociedad attacker explained how he was selected … Read more

Viral TikTok: Snow in Lima? Drivers are surprised to see the Panamericana Norte completely white in San Martín de Porres | Peru | Videos | viral video

Like in the movies! In many areas of USA It is common to see the streets full of snow at the time of Christmas. However, in our country that does not happen because we are entering the summer season. For this reason, many were surprised when they saw the tracks of the Pan American Highway … Read more

Viral TikTok: Young foreigners eat fried fish from jr. Paruro and his reactions go viral | Peru | Videos | viral video

Some Peruvians at heart! There are more and more foreign who come to our country to enjoy the gastronomy and its tourist places. However, a guide he had no better idea than to offer them a unique experience to some youths. Therefore, they were taken to a crowded space full of vendors in the Lima’s … Read more

Brazil | Sergio Murilo | Tourist recorded his own death while going down a zip line in Ceará | VIDEO Viral | WORLD

Sergio Murilo, a 39-year-old tourist, recorded his own death when the zip line he was descending on broke and he ended up falling from a great height until he hit the ground. The tragedy occurred in Ceará, Brazil. The tourist was in the company of his family when he decided to go down the Canoa … Read more