English Retiree Exposes 50% Price Increase in Low-Cost Supermarket “Poundstretcher”

2023-10-25 11:01:15 Joyce Deacon, an English retiree, was offended to see prices increase by more than 50%! However, it is a store supposed to be “low-cost” and affordable, which the retiree denounces. AFP By Sudinfo Published on 10/24/2023 at 7:25 p.m. Joyce Deacon, 73, a retiree from the south of England, revolted at the prices … Read more

Ghanaian Man’s Deceptive Scheme to Obtain Belgian Driver’s License Exposed

2023-09-14 09:52:38 Serge, a Ghanaian from Grammont, had to pass his driving test to be able to work. Indeed, this precious document that he obtained in Africa is not valid in Belgium. of videos Also, he attempted the theoretical exam twelve times in Flanders, without success, reports the DH. Faced with these multiple failures, he … Read more

Ship Fire in Cijin, Kaohsiung: Massive Rescue Effort Underway

2023-09-13 08:34:31 2023/09/13 16:34 Black smoke billowed into the sky from a ship fire in Cijin, Kaohsiung, and 18 fire trucks and 41 people rushed to rescue the ship. (provided by the public) [Reporter Huang Liangjie/Kaohsiung Report]A fire broke out at 15:54 today on a ship docked at Zhongzhou 3rd Road, Cijin District, Kaohsiung City, … Read more

Orange Heat Wave: High Temperatures and Vigilance in France – Stay Informed!

2023-08-19 14:50:12 “Tomorrow Sunday, temperatures may exceed 40 degrees”: orange heat wave vigilance extended in France! Sudinfo.beA heat dome settles in France, Belgium spared RTBFOrange heat wave vigilance extended on Sunday, 49 departments concerned lavenir.netWeather news: Why is this heat wave not normal? 08/18/2023 Paris weatherHeat wave and heat dome in France: what about Belgium? … Read more

“Aldi recalls products due to false expiry date – Check Your Cupboards Now!”

2023-05-20 17:37:00 If you recently shopped at Aldi, better check your cupboards. Or at least your fridge. Indeed, the brand had to remove products from its shelves because of an error that could have bad consequences for its customers. In consultation with the FASFC, the discounter is recalling this product from its customers. These are … Read more

“Belgium’s High Heat and Ozone Peaks Plan: Preventative Measures for Summertime Safety”

2023-05-20 17:42:00 In 2003, Europe experienced a scorching summer. Heat episodes and related ozone peaks are exceptional, causing the death of 45,000 people across the continent. Since then, many countries have implemented measures to deal with this type of situation. This is the case of Belgium, which has a “High heat and ozone peaks” plan. … Read more