Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse: News, Updates, and Stories

2023-09-11 17:00:00 ****** ****** ****** ******** **** ** ** ****** ********** ** *********** ******* ** ************ ** * * ** ******** ************ ** ** ** ***** ****** **** *** ********* **** ******** *** ********* **** ** ******** ********* *** ******** **** ********* ******** *** *** ***** ********* *** ** ******* *** ****** ** *** ** … Read more

“Discover if you are from Kuwaiti villages or tribes with this quick ear test – Al-Marsad Newspaper”

2023-05-01 18:34:16 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A Kuwaiti content maker on “Tik Tok” revealed a quick way to discover if you are from families (villages and peasants), or from tribes (the Badia). He said that this method exists in the human head and it is possible to examine yourself. The creator of the content, called “Abdul Aziz … Read more

The next by-election will be held on September 9

2023-04-25 09:24:10 The mayor or deputies will also be elected in seven municipalities in the east. EASTERN SLOVAKIA. Additional municipal elections will be held again in September. On September 9, citizens are to vote for the mayor or council members in 17 municipalities across Slovakia. The date of the elections to municipal self-government bodies was … Read more

Decent Life Foundation participates in the Cairo Marathon to support mental and physical health in villages

The Foundation for a Decent Life participated in the Cairo Marathon in its tenth edition, whose activities began today, Friday, with the aim of supporting mental, physical and psychological health, and encouraging citizens to take an interest in sports, with a special focus on people of determination, by providing them with the necessary capabilities to … Read more

Claudio Borghi stopped Herrera in his tracks for his son’s “hate” of Colo Colo

The ‘Bichi’ Claudio Borghi stopped Johnny Herrera’s cars after the exporter celebrated that his son called Colo Colo “dog poop”. A tense debate ensued Claudio Borghi y Johnny Herrera this Wednesday, during the edition of the program We are all techniciansde TNT Sports. It all started when the arrival of Matias Zaldivia to the University … Read more

Argentine journalist interviewed Bichi Borghi in Qatar without knowing who he was

An uncomfortable moment lived in Qatar by the sports commentator and ex-figure of the ‘albiceleste’, Claudio Borghiwhen being interviewed by an Argentine reporter. The journalist of the Todo Noticias Channel (TN) he thought he was interviewing an Argentine fan, without realizing that he was in front of a world champion in 1986. “Aren’t you excited … Read more