Villainous Theft: 85-89 Jewish Tombstones Vandalized in Marcinelle Cemetery

2023-11-23 16:14:53 This is a villainous and large-scale theft. The Marcinelle cemetery was the target of thieves, who attacked the Jewish part of the site. Many bronze Stars of David, inlaid on the tombs, were unsealed from their support. Sometimes so brutally that metal pieces remained attached… Of the approximately 250 plots included in this … Read more

Stay Safe in La Louvière: Tips, News, and Updates on Crime and Security in the Region

2023-11-22 09:00:00 ** ************* ********** *** ********* *** * ****** ** ******* ************* **** *** *** ***** ******** ****** ***************** ********* *************** * **** ****** *** **** ********** ** ****** * **** *** ******** *** ****** *** ** ********** **** ** ***** ** ** ********* *** ****** **** **** *** **** ********* ** * ** … Read more

Memorial Garden for Julie and Mélissa: A Tribute to the Victims of Dutroux

2023-11-22 16:16:32 The memorial, inaugurated in the presence of Julie and Mélissa’s parents, is a garden “between earth and sky”. In the foreground, there is a low white brick wall, with a small alcove. “Above”, we find a space with several plants and various trees… All without forgetting the walls of the neighboring houses in … Read more

The Deleterious Internal Situation of Young MRs in the Brussels Region: Issues of Cronyism, Ballot Stuffing, and Political Intrigues

2023-11-18 06:05:00 This ferocity is not the prerogative of the upper echelons. The intrigues fomented among Young MRs, particularly in the Brussels Region, have nothing to envy of the best episodes of the political series Borgen or House of Cards. Between cronyism, harassment complaints, putsch attempts and resounding resignations, the internal situation that the political … Read more

Stabbing at Ville 2 Shopping Center in Charleroi: Latest Updates and News

2023-11-15 15:04:00 The public prosecutor’s office was informed in the middle of the afternoon, on Monday, November 13, that a horrible scene had just occurred in the Ville 2 shopping center, in Charleroi. The victim was hit in the femoral artery. – Facebook A man residing illegally stabbed another man residing illegally. Seriously injured, the … Read more

Sexual Harassment Allegations in La Louvière: Mayor Calls for Resignation

2023-11-05 09:20:36 It was opposition councilor Xavier Papier (Plus-Les Engagés) who brought this matter to light via a press release denouncing “facts that could be qualified as sexual harassment committed by a member of the college against a civil servant, and this in front of witnesses, namely other civil servants and a member of the … Read more