viral video | “Let me recover”: referee Juan Andrés Esquivel González paralyzes a match to catch his breath | Twitter | Mexico | nnda nnrt | MEXICO

One video viral shows the unique moment that a referee starred in during the Roadrunner vs Zacatecas Miners, a match that was played without an audience for the Development League of Mexico, by asking that the actions be paralyzed to catch his breath. It all happened when, on a corner kick, the referee Juan Andres … Read more

Today’s viral video | Teacher failed all her students by noticing a detail in a group photo | TikTok | Mexico | nnda nnrt | MISCELLANY

“True education is demonstrated when education is lost”. This saying perfectly sums up the anecdote that a teacher in Mexico shared in a video viral from TikTok how he failed all the students in his class after noticing an obscene gesture they made during a photo he took with them. It all started when, in … Read more

viral video | Extreme tattoo fanatic spends nearly $120,000 to cover his entire body in ink | Instagram | YouTube | Canada | Remy | nnda nnrt stories | STORIES

Remy is an extreme fan of tattoos Canada with almost his entire body covered in ink and recently made a splash on social networks by sharing his history of life with this form of body modification, which consists of temporarily or permanently altering the color of the skin by capturing a drawing, a pattern, a … Read more

Viral video | Christmas decoration inspired by a famous movie causes a call to the fire brigade | Instagram | United States | USA | EEEU | nnda nnrt | VIRAL

The best part of the Christmas are the decorations and in the United States, a man made people talk on social networks for his peculiar way of decorating his house inspired by one of his favorite movies: “Winter Holidays” (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, its original title in English) , part of a series of films … Read more

Viral video | She is 44, but she looks like the “twin” of her 21-year-old daughter: they are so close that they even go on double dates | Instagram | United States | USA | USA | Joleen Diaz | nnda nnrt stories | STORIES

She has such a youthful appearance that she is often mistaken for her daughter’s twin who is twice her age. Joleen Diaz assures that many times they do not believe him when he says that he is 44 years old and that his fresh appearance has played a trick on him on more than one … Read more

Viral | Faiq Bolkiah, the richest footballer in the world that nobody knows and no club wants: know his history | Instagram | Portugal | Bahrain | nnda nnrt stories | STORIES

Whom Faiq Bolkiah? It is the question that more than one in social networks asked himself when he learned the history of the one considered the richest footballer in the world at just 23 years old (there is even more speculation than the Argentine Lionel Messi or portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo), but whose name is only … Read more