22 different viruses suspected of being associated with neurodegenerative diseases

To explain Alzheimer’s disease or other neurodegenerative diseases, the viral hypothesis is gaining ground. Although a causal link cannot be confirmed, a study reveals significant associations between viral exposure and the risk of developing this type of disease. In total, 22 different viruses are involved. « Neurodegenerative disorders are a group of diseases for which … Read more

Say No to Sideloading Apple iOS Apps!More than 70% of virus infections on Android and Windows | Kamiap | Deliver Apple news and IT information

Apple opposes US antitrust laws mandating sideloading of iOS apps, but Android andThe risk of virus infection such as malware on Windows devices has been revealed and has become a hot topic. AppleDue to security issues such as virus infectionOppose sideloading iOS apps According to 9to5Mac,Apple has sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee … Read more

Viral Infectious Diseases and Food Safety – A quick look at food from the bottom line (297)

Infectious disease Infection through food, tableware, towels, etc. Norovirus food poisoning… Kindergarten, etc. The ‘monkey smallpox virus’ is raising its head again as COVID-19, which has driven the world into darkness for the past three years, has calmed down. Since 1970, it has been commonly found in countries with tropical rainforests in Central and West … Read more

[1인 가구 헬스케어] Low immunity in summer… Beware of ‘herpes’

Reference photo./Photo=Pre-canvas #. Lee Geon-woo (29, pseudonym), a self-employed student, has recently felt stressed and fatigued due to overtime work and friction with acquaintances. He later discovered blisters around Mr. Lee’s lips as he was getting ready for work. Mr. Lee who thought he was insignificant because it was a blister that occurred whenever he … Read more

A sore throat after Covid-19 can indicate illness

A sore throat after Covid-19 can indicate illness

The throat is scratchy and swallowing is difficult: Sore throats often occur not only with colds, but also with a corona infection. If the symptoms persist, you should definitely take action. Headaches and body aches, a slight fever, a runny nose, a sore throat and sometimes a temporary loss of smell and taste: numerous people … Read more

RKI reports around 222,000 new corona infections

RKI reports around 222,000 new corona infections

The RKI reports an increase in the incidence value again. He is currently at 1733.4 specified. Within 24 hours, 264 deaths related to the virus were recorded. The nationwide seven-day incidence of new corona infections has risen again. As the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) announced on Tuesday morning, the value is now 1,733.4. On Monday … Read more