US Visa Update: Transition to Paperless Visas and Timeline for Implementation

2023-11-29 12:03:37 The US visa would change for all countries in the world after the successful completion of a pilot program for the so-called ‘paperless visa’, as the government of that country, headed by Joe Biden, named it. The United States did a small-scale test with officials who verified the status of travelers to find … Read more

Malaysia Visa Exemption for Indians and Chinese from December 1 | Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s Announcement

2023-11-27 05:03:00 27th Nov 2023 10:33 AM | Contemporary Malayalam Desk Kuala Lumpur: Indians no longer require a visa to stay in Malaysia for up to 30 days. Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim announced that this exemption is for Indians and Chinese from December 1. Anwar Ibrahim made the announcement in his speech at the … Read more