Know each type of vitamin. Where can I get natural vitamins? and vitamin deficiency symptoms: PPTVHD36

Vitamins are a group of organic compounds that are essential for the proper functioning of the body. Which we must get from eating different types of food. because the body cannot synthesize it by itself (except vitamin D to be synthesized at the skin when exposed to sunlight) by vitamins divided into 2 groups: water-soluble … Read more

Who benefits from early detection screening for vitamin D deficiency | Health City Berlin

Thursday November 17, 2022 – Author: bab The early detection test for vitamin D deficiency has an “unclear” benefit. Who does not benefit from it: People without deficiency symptoms who live independently at home. The IGeL monitor reports this. The early detection examination on a Vitamin D Deficiency has an “unclear” utility. Who does not … Read more

How vitamin B12 influences its formation – healing practice

Relationship between Alzheimer’s and vitamin B12 The latest research results from a German working group show a connection between the Alzheimer’s dementia and the Vitamin-B12-Spiegel. Apparently one favors Lack of Vitamin B12 the emergence of the disease. In a recent study, researchers at the SRH Hochschule für Gesundheit found a connection between the vitamin B12 … Read more