“The question will be whether they have the necessary foundation or not”

The President of the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies, Vlado Mirosevic (PL), spoke with CNN Chile this Tuesday afternoon and addressed the constitutional accusations against ministers Ríos and Jackson, assuring that “it is a power that the opposition has and is part of the democratic order (…) I think the fundamental question will be whether … Read more

Mirosevic and the 30 years: “Balance judgments is something that this generation is learning” | National

“Balancing the judgments is something that this generation is learning,” said the president of the Chamber, Vlado Mirosevic, about the perception that people have regarding “the 30 years.” In that sense, he added that “governing is difficult now, imagine at that time,” asking for respect for the political leaders who “confronted Pinochet face to face.” … Read more

The projects that Mirosevic intends to “dust off” in the Chamber: it includes from the FA to Republicans | National

The bills correspond to parliamentary motions from the different political sectors, from Approve Dignity, Chile Vamos, Christian Democracy and Republicans, including initiatives from both the current Government of Gabriel Boric and the past administration of Sebastián Piñera. Just as he had anticipated after becoming President of the Chamber of Deputies, Vlado Mirosevic, It will “dust … Read more

Vlado Mirosevic: “I ask the opposition, in the best constructive mood, to let us work” | bbcl_research

Although he says that he assumed the presidency of the Chamber with a spirit of dialogue, the deputy Mirosevic admits that it has been a complex task. “We cannot be treating each other the worst because that does not serve Chilean democracy at all,” he says in conversation with BioBioChile. In turn, the congressman calls … Read more