“Why We Need a New Government: Insights from Ex-Russian MP Boris Nadezhdin”

2023-05-27 13:07:21 “WE MUST ELECT SOMEONE ELSE” ‘We have to elect someone other than Putin and everything will be fine’: In the middle of a broadcast by the Kremlin-controlled NTV channel, a former Russian MP called for a change of government and a replacement for Vladimir Putin, causing discomfort on the set, an extract relayed … Read more

Updates on Ukraine: Bombings, Missile Strike and Detention as Tensions Escalate with Russia

2023-05-26 09:13:47 Today Friday, May 26, 2023 11:13 BOMBING The Russian region of Belgorod, bordering Ukraine, has suffered dozens of artillery fire in the past 24 hours, said Friday the governor of this territory shaken at the beginning of the week by an armed incursion. On Telegram, Vyacheslav Gladkov notably indicated that the village of … Read more

“Russia’s Growing Influence in Cuba: Investment Opportunities and Political Alliances”

2023-05-24 11:58:58 CUBA Seeking new trading partners and political allies since the invasion of Ukraine, Russia is getting ever closer to Cuba. Greater proximity could also be beneficial to the island, which, in the grip of its worst economic crisis since the fall of the Soviet bloc, is in dire need of investment. Since the … Read more

Russian Strikes on Kyiv: Updates on Conflict, Grain Agreements, and Women Fighters

2023-05-16 09:21:45 Today Tuesday, May 16, 2023 12:12 RUSSIAN STRIKES ON kyiv Ukrainian MP Lesia Vasylenko live on LCI, about the Russian strikes that hit the country and in particular the capital, last night. Ukraine said earlier it shot down 18 Russian missiles overnight, including six Kinzhals missiles. MP Lesia Vasylenko live from KyivSource : … Read more

“NATO’s Commitment to Defend Every Centimeter of Its Territory: A Look into Collective Defense Strategies and Preparedness”

2023-05-10 16:49:36 NATO WILL DEFEND “EVERY CENTIMETER” OF ITS TERRITORY “We have entered a new era of collective defence”, said Wednesday the Secretary General of the Atlantic Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, on the occasion of the speech opening ceremony of the organization’s military committee in Brussels. “Since the illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014, we have … Read more