War Russia Ukraine | Leaving the Ukrainians without electricity: Russia’s new strategy in the war | Putin | Zelensky | WORLD

One day after a drone rain crashing into several cities, most notably kyiv, Russian forces bombed more than 35 towns again using unmanned aircraft, as well as cruise missiles, anti-aircraft missiles and aircraft. READ ALSO: Cold as a weapon of war: how could Putin use a frigid winter in Europe? Electricity and water infrastructure were … Read more

War in Ukraine: What will Vladimir Putin do now? Possible scenarios after the defeat of the Russian army in Kharkov | Russia | ukrainian army | World

Recently, the troops of the Russian army have begun the withdrawal from the territory of the city of Kharkov after the success of the Ukraine’s ‘lightning’ counteroffensive started in September in the northeast area. “This has been the hardest week so far. Along the Kharkov front, where, after an attack by enemy forces that outnumbered … Read more

The tough decision that UEFA has made with the Russian clubs in the Champions League for their invasion of Ukraine

2022-05-02 Los russian clubs They will not play European competitions in 2022-2023, including the lucrative Champions League, announced this Monday the UEFAwho also decided to replace Russia by Portugal for the women’s Eurocup-2022 this summer (July 6-31) in England. “No Russian club will participate in the 2022-2023 season of the competitions between clubs of the … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war: why does Vladimir Putin now only want to “liberate” Donbas? | World

The war that Russia unleashed against Ukraine adds up to more than 30 days and now, apparently, has taken a new course. On Friday, March 25, the Kremlin maintained that the main objectives of its invasion have already been achieved and that they will now concentrate on “liberating” Donbás. “In general, the main tasks of … Read more

War Russia vs. Ukraine: Without food or medicine, Kherson is on the brink of humanitarian catastrophe

The city of Kherson, on the shores of the Black Sea, has been occupied by Russian troops since the beginning of March. Now he faces a humanitarian catastrophe Almost a month after the start of the war in ukraine. I also read: TN in Ukraine: kyiv, a “ghost city” under a 35-hour curfew In a … Read more

“I wanted to help”: he got drunk, ordered an Uber to travel to Ukraine and now owes $6,000

A woman of 34 yearswho lives in the United Kingdomsaid that in the middle of a night of drinks, he asked for a car through the application Uber bound for Ukraine. His intention was “help” in the middle of war. The story immediately went viral: the trip would have cost him a few 6 thousand … Read more