The Ministry of Public Health Launches Influenza Vaccination Campaign in Lebanon

2023-10-05 11:11:00 The Ministry of Public Health, in cooperation with the World Health Organization, launched the vaccination campaign for the influenza season, under the patronage of the Minister of Public Health, Firas Al-Abyad, and in the presence of the World Health Organization representative, Dr. Abdel Nasser Abu Bakr. Al-Abyad announced that the Ministry has a … Read more

Latest Weather Forecasts by Expert Hassan Karani: Heat Wave Alert in Western Region with Temperatures Soaring to 50 C in Makkah Al-Mukarramah

2023-09-06 06:59:27 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Weather expert Hassan Karani revealed his weather forecasts. And he said, during a tweet that he posted on his account on the X platform: “A hot and dry eastern wave, with the help of God Almighty, is exposed to the atmosphere of the western region.” And he continued: “It leads to … Read more

Hot Weather Hydration: Should You Drink Cold or Hot Water for Cooling Off?

2023-08-26 09:19:00 When temperatures soar, finding a way to cool off becomes essential to maintaining hydration. We first think of drinking cold water as a natural response. Is it a mainstream idea? Here we stand before the most important question: Should we drink cold or hot water in hot weather? During a heat wave, our … Read more

Discover the Exciting Roller Bike Parade in Wavre sur Herbe: Fun, Family-Friendly Event for All!

2023-08-20 15:15:00 Since June 16, in Brussels, Charleroi, Hasselt, Louvain, Mons or Roeselare, the roller bike parade has moved from town to town. Sunday afternoon, she passed through Wavre, before heading back to Nivelles with an appointment set for this Wednesday at 7 p.m. at rue du Zéphyr in the 4 vents car park. The … Read more

The Rise of Wave: How It Revolutionized Mobile Money and Dominated the Market

2023-08-18 17:08:16 Wave has forced other operators to align with its pricing policy to remain competitive. SEYLLOU/AFP THE UNICORNS OF THE NEW WORLD (5/5) – By slashing the prices of “mobile money”, Wave was able to impose itself against its competitors Orange or MTN. Start-ups valued at more than 1 billion dollars, which are nicknamed … Read more

Stay Hydrated: Beyond Water – The Importance of Fluid Intake and Hydrating Foods

2023-07-22 06:47:00 With an unprecedented rise in temperatures hitting countries, water is more important than ever. If you don’t drink enough fluids to produce enough sweat on a hot day, you may be more likely to get heatstroke. We know very well that dehydration is caused by extreme heat, and it may carry serious health … Read more