The Meteorological Department announced that Tropical Storm Senka has updated the latest storm path.

meteorological department Announcement No. 7 Storm Senka (SONCA) at 4.00 a.m. today (15 Oct. 2022) Tropical Storm Senka (SONCA) moved ashore at Quang Ngai. Vietnam The center is about 109 kilometers east of Sekong Province, Laos, or at 15.4 degrees north latitude, 108.6 degrees east longitude, with maximum sustained winds near the center of about … Read more

Bangkok weather forecast today (13 Oct. 65) lowest temperature – highest temperature latest rainfall

Bangkok Weather Forecast Today (13 Oct. 2022) meteorological department Report on general weather conditions in the areaBangkok and surrounding areas today’s temperature Related news – The Meteorological Department has announced that there is an intense low pressure cell in the northeast of Bangkok, with more rain. General weather characteristics : weather forecast 24 hours ahead … Read more

meteorological department Announcement No. 1 “Strong low pressure cell”

announcemeteorological department “Strong low pressure cell” No. 1 dated October 12, 2022 Intense low pressure cell on the island of the Philippines. It is likely to move into the Central South China Sea tonight (12 October 2022). It is expected to intensify. And moving closer to the coast of central Vietnam during 13-14 Oct. 65, … Read more

The Meteorological Department has announced the C.6 inclement weather, heavy rain in Bangkok 60%, Northeastern region, temperature drops 2-4 degrees.

(11 Oct. 2022) meteorological department Announcement No. 6 inclement weatherthe area of ​​upper Thailand andheavy rainIn the southern region, the high pressure area or the moderate cold air mass extends over the upper Thailand. make the areatemperaturefell with a strong wind In the northeastern region, the temperature will drop by 2-4 degrees Celsius, while the … Read more

Bangkok flooding situation, latest update, 6 districts, reports of rain all over the city, check here

(5 Oct. 2022) Report flooding situation areaBangkok During about 10.00 – 11.00 hrs. ago in Phasi Charoen District, Bang Khun Thian, Bang Rak, Bang Kho Laem, Bang Bon, Yannawa, while weather forecast 24 hours ahead areaBangkok and surrounding areas havethunderstorm70% of the area andheavy rainsomewhere Related news The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration warned of flooding in … Read more

“Hymn Noru enters Thailand” The Meteorological Department announces Chor 19, heavy to very heavy rains throughout Thailand in 61 provinces, including Bangkok.

(29 Sep 2022) meteorological department Announcement No. 19 “noru storm“At 4:00 AM today Depression Noru It is centered in Kham Khuean Kaeo District, Yasothon Province, or at latitude 15.6 degrees north, longitude 104.2 degrees east, with a maximum wind speed near the center of about 55 kilometers per hour. This storm is moving slightly northwest. … Read more