How to Automatically Add Source URL to Copied Content – Blogger Tutorial

2023-12-02 03:53:50 Photo by Erik-Jan Leusink on Unsplash I originally wanted to add this feature, mainly because of myself (I didn’t want to be a blogger at the time), because when I was looking for information, although I remembered to add the source to the page, I didn’t know why (it was a mistake) ?), … Read more

Keep Blogger Main Menu at the Top: Simple Steps to Always Have Access

2023-11-30 15:41:34 1-3 Keep the Blogger main menu always at the top -01 For individuals, the free Blogger sample is enough. If there is anything I am dissatisfied with, it is probably the main menu, which disappears as the web page scrolls (as shown below). Although there is a return to the top button, most … Read more

Summer 2023 in Castilla y León: Climate Summary, Predictions, and the Impacts of Climate Change

2023-09-18 19:16:43 The balance took place in the Government Subdelegation in Ávila, where Barcones was accompanied by the Government subdelegate in that province, Fernando Galeano, and the territorial delegate of AEMET in Castilla y León, Manuel Mora. Barcones highlighted the importance of AEMET’s predictions at a time of climate change and highlighted the need to … Read more