Reducing Sodium Intake in Thailand: A Comprehensive Guide to Lowering Your Salt Consumption

2023-12-05 07:56:00 Keypoints: Thai people are sick with diseases related toConsuming SodiumMore than 22 million people due to high sodium consumption 2 times more than the value recommended by the World Health Organization. Sometimes they don’t realize that the food they eat is high in sodium because they don’t feel that it tastes salty. Especially … Read more

Enhancing Employee Well-being and Performance Through Innovative Wellness Activities Wellness Activities

2023-11-24 13:05:29 In today’s fast-paced corporate world, companies constantly seek ways to improve employee well-being and overall performance, hence wellness activities. It’s no secret that the demands of work can often lead to stress, burnout, and decreased productivity among employees. To address these challenges, forward-thinking organizations are turning to well-being activities such as contact dance, … Read more

The best hotels for winter in Austria

2023-11-21 23:07:00 Hotel Edelweiss am Arlberg – Vorarlberg Save Zürs has long since become a hotspot for beautiful accommodation, which is your perfect base for an active winter sports holiday. But the Edelweiss takes the cake when it comes to style: if you take off your ski overalls here, you’ll end up straight in the … Read more

Are Cancer Screening Test Kits Worth the Hype? The Truth Behind MCED Tests and Their Reliability

2023-11-18 10:55:00 Key Points: “Cancer screening test kit” early One-time blood tests, or MCED, are gaining popularity in the United States. The test screens for more than 50 types of cancer and works by looking for signs of cancer cells in DNA. Point out precautions when using such products. Because there is no clear evidence … Read more

Reducing the Risk of Premature Death from Sitting for Long Periods of Time

2023-11-13 09:52:00 Key Points: Research has found a connection between behavior “Sit for a long time” More than 8 hours a day and “premature death” from heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Sitting for too long Here it is not just sitting and working in front of a computer screen. But including the page … Read more