Nestlé launches its ‘voie gras’ in Spain and Switzerland, the vegan alternative for those who prioritize animal welfare | companies

The Swiss food giant Nestlé winks at its non-carnivorous customers and announces the sale of its new product in Spain and Switzerland fatty way: and foie gras vegan with which he hopes to fill the Christmas tables of his consumers most concerned about animal welfare. Traditionally, the foie gras Liver pâté is made from obese … Read more

El Pozo Alimentación and Cefusa measure animal welfare with ClearFarm

El Pozo Alimentación and Cefusa are working, with the University of Murcia and the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​in the ClearFarm project with the aim of scientifically measuring the degree of welfare of farm animals and thus achieving sustainable production of pigs and dairy cattle on a European scale. The purpose of this innovative initiative … Read more

Pope teaches spiritual life is not an interior well-being program

In his Catechesis this week, the Pontiff continued to reflect on discernment and in particular addressed “desolation” as an “occasion for growth.” “Being desolate offers us the possibility of growing, of beginning a more mature, more beautiful relationship with the Lord and with loved ones, a relationship that is not reduced to a mere exchange … Read more

Why does emotional well-being disappear due to chronic diseases? –Metro World News

The emotional well-being of various people who suffer from chronic pathologies is weakened. For this reason, strategies are requested to deal with these diseases from a point that considers the emotional sphere, Health mental, biopsychosocial perspective, from the Platform of Patient Organizations (POP). Given his condition, at least 50% of people with chronic diseases they … Read more