Protecting Our Community from Tuberculosis: Taking Action Against a Non-Compliant Neighbor

2023-09-12 07:00:00 A patient with tuberculosis lives in the entrance, who does not want to undergo treatment at a tuberculosis dispensary, violates the sanitary and anti-epidemic regime, and leads an asocial lifestyle. And we have a lot of children living in our building, who, as you know, still have a weak immune system, and adults … Read more

Police Intervention and Arrests in Altercation Near Saint-Remacle Church in Verviers: Latest Updates

2023-09-07 19:15:48 The police of the Vesdre area intervened this Thursday evening in rue Renier, near the Saint-Remacle church, in verviers. In question: a rather important altercation which took place at the beginning of the evening, around 7 p.m. Several people were surprised by a “din of sirens” that could be heard near the scene. … Read more

Pre-Training Warm-Up: Essential Steps to Safely Prepare for Physical Activity

2023-08-29 15:41:12 Outdoor portrait of young woman stretching and preparing for running. The physical conditioning phase, or pre-training warm-up, consists of a series of aerobic exercises and movements to elongate or stretch muscle groups that are carried out before a specific sporting activity, such as strength training, with the aim of in order to avoid … Read more

Revitalizing the Inter-Béton Tower Site: New Master Plan Revealed for Charleroi

2023-08-23 16:02:55 To fully understand what we are talking about here, you have to go back a few years. At the time, the future of the Inter-Béton tower site seemed set. The River Towers project, with two 27-storey housing towers and a huge shopping center, seemed to be on track. But the official-delegate of the … Read more

She appeared kissing him.. A famous Lebanese broadcaster and his Tunisian wife are raising controversy with romantic images

2023-08-23 08:54:16 The Lebanese broadcaster and program presenter, Wissam Braidy, published pictures through the “Al-Astori” feature on his personal account on the Instagram application. His wife, the Tunisian model, Reem Al-Saidi, appeared in one of the pictures kissing him, and they appeared together in another picture while holding each other’s hands in a romantic way. … Read more

Incredible Crane Accident in Bellegem: Watch the Shocking Video Footage

2023-08-16 11:50:21 An impressive incident occurred this Wednesday around eight o’clock in the morning in Bellegem, in Flanders. According to information from HLN, a construction crane overturned and landed on a house, in which there were four people. of videos For some unknown reason, the crane, which was being used for work in the house, … Read more