Why did the ancient Arabs venerate the month of Rajab?.. “Al-Za’aq” answers – Video • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Dr. Khaled bin Saleh Al-Zaaq, a weather analyst, said that the seventh month of the month of the Arab “Hijri” year is called Rajab, and Rajab is taken from Rajoub, meaning glorification, as the Arabs used to glorify this month. Al-Zaaq added: “The most revered tribes for this month are the Mudar tribe, … Read more

In the video.. “Al-Za’aq” reveals how “Wadi Al-Rama” is the most famous and longest in the Kingdom..and highlights 3 benefits of its flow

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Weather expert Dr. Khaled Al-Zaaq explained: “Wadi Al-Rumma is the greatest, longest and most famous valley in the Arabian Peninsula, and it is the only one that cuts it from west to east, indicating that Wadi Al-Rumma is one of the natural phenomena in the Kingdom. He said, during a video clip he … Read more

Watch.. Al-Zaaq reveals when the people of Riyadh and Al-Qassim wear clothes • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The astronomer, Khaled Al-Zaaq, revealed when the people of Riyadh and Al-Qassim winter wear. Al-Zaaq said in a video clip: “The people of Riyadh wear winter after 3 weeks, and the people of Qassim wear winter after two weeks.” It is worth noting that the National Center of Meteorology noted that, starting from … Read more

Put on Zain and look like your fire.

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Meteorological expert Dr. Khaled Al-Zaaq said: The first cold waves are the “absence of Al-Ahimer” cold, and the Arabs call it “the heart of the scorpion”. And he continued in a video on his Twitter account: “You wear Zain and your fire.. This week are the days of the Al-Ahmar cold.. and it … Read more