Li Peixu attended a friend’s wedding…the first “beloved wife’s frontal photo” was exposed, and the net exclaimed: No wonder he didn’t show his face | Entertainment | CTWANT

Artist Li Peixu posted a photo of him holding hands with a woman in his personal community in July last year. Both of them were wearing the same white ring, and wrote “Mr. Although he loves generously and is very enthusiastic in public, he keeps the information about his wife very confidential, and has never … Read more

“It can teach you how to treat women” – Fox Sports

The controversy and lawsuit between Fair Rami and soccer players from Argentina continues, and this time it was the wife of angel di maria who attacked him on social media. Jorgelina Cardoso He defended his partner and sarcastically made reference to the complaints of gender violence that the Frenchman has. Ángel Di María defended ‘Dibu’ … Read more

The first appearance of Dalida, Ramy Ayach’s wife, after giving birth to their newborn

The Lebanese fashion designer, Dalida Ayyash, the wife of the Lebanese artist, Rami Ayyash, published on her account via Instagram, a picture in which she appeared from the operating room, accompanied by her husband and her new baby, whom she had a few days ago. Dalida attached the photo to a comment in English, in … Read more

“After topping the search indicators.” The name and nationality of the artist’s new wife, “Hussein Al Jasmi,” was revealed

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Sources revealed the name of the new wife of the Emirati artist, Hussein Al Jasmi, confirming that she is an Emirati, and she is called Sheikha Abdulaziz Salman, and she comes from an ancient family. The identity of Al Jasmi’s new wife topped the search indicators, after the marriage contract was announced, and … Read more

“Tak Boriboon” opens his heart and argues with his wife until she almost divorces bring the fugitives back to Malaysia

Stay up to date with news >> Komchadluek online It’s called a massage parlor, which is the latest cause, a funny young actor. Father of one child, Tak Boriboon, came out to open his heart. Telling the story of family life with tears who once had a serious argument with his wife to the extent … Read more

What happened to Lalo Trelles? Without a job in Mundial, he travels with his wife

The man who for years dedicated himself to analyzing the matches of the Mexican Selection on Televisawho together with Raúl Orvañanos and Enrique Bermúdez were one of the inevitable in each transmission, but who in 2019 he was fired from the now TUDN in a massive cut. Many people still remember Eduardo Trelles as a … Read more