Stay Hydrated: Beyond Water – The Importance of Fluid Intake and Hydrating Foods

2023-07-22 06:47:00 With an unprecedented rise in temperatures hitting countries, water is more important than ever. If you don’t drink enough fluids to produce enough sweat on a hot day, you may be more likely to get heatstroke. We know very well that dehydration is caused by extreme heat, and it may carry serious health … Read more

The Disastrous Effects of Sleeping on Your Stomach: A Warning from a Physiotherapist

2023-06-16 23:24:54 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A physiotherapist warned, in a circulating video clip, of the danger of sleeping on the stomach, stressing a “disastrous position”. And the specialist appeared in the video while he was lying on the bed, and next to him was a skeleton of the shape of the neck and back vertebrae, and … Read more

The Sports Observatory: Debunking Injustices in Arab Sports Leagues

2023-06-03 00:25:24 Sports Observatory: Sports journalist Ayed Al-Rashidi sent a strong message to some Nasrawi voices, who reported that Al-Nasr team was subjected to injustice in the past season. During his appearance on the “Sports Harvest” program, Al-Rashidi said: The arbitration did not take you out of the cup.. And now they have a theory … Read more

“The Sports Observatory: Mubarak Al-Shehri calls out Al-Hilal supporters and federations in the Asian Cup”

2023-05-01 10:02:37 Sports Observatory: Sports critic Mubarak Al-Shehri embarrassed the federations who support Al-Hilal to win the Asian Cup. Al-Shehri said, through Al-Hassad Sports Program, that some do not know the interest of his team, but only support Al-Hilal “with them,” noting that Al-Hilal’s victory in the championship means Al-Ittihad outside the Club World Cup. … Read more

If you notice them, go to the doctor immediately. The lines on your nails indicate that you have these diseases

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A new study revealed the causes of lines and ripples that appear on the nails and increase with age, and may be a sign of a health problem. The study, published in the Canadian Family Physician, showed that about 20 percent of adults suffer from brittle nails, which is a normal part of … Read more

Infect you with these dangerous diseases! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Othman, a professor and consultant in clinical education, warned against taking antacids for a long time without consulting a doctor. Al-Othman explained, in a video posted on Tik Tok, that these antibiotics have very dangerous effects that may lead to stomach ulcers, stomach cancer, or effects on the heart and blood … Read more