The Mysterious Murder of the Ullens Family: Unraveling the Motive and Context

2023-10-04 04:30:00 We are not yet at the end of our surprises in this tragedy which has struck the Ullens family. If the dramatic facts appear quite simple (the son-in-law confesses to having shot his mother-in-law, his father’s second wife), the motive for the murder and the general context remain unclear. ******* ****** *** **** … Read more

Nicolas Ullens Imprisoned with Marc Dutroux: Inside Belgium’s High-Security Prison

2023-08-18 09:32:15 It’s a coincidence but it happens that Nicolas Ullens is imprisoned in the same prison as Marc Dutroux. The two men have never met. No other prisoner from Nivelles crosses paths with Marc Dutroux in this old prison with 192 places where about 260 prisoners are crammed. It has already been written and … Read more

The New Life of Nicolas Ullens in Prison: Weight Loss and Challenges

2023-08-17 16:00:00 The last photo of Nicolas Ullens dates back to last May. A photographer from the Photonews agency had taken his image as he appeared in front of the council chamber at the Nivelles courthouse. We only saw his face, the man was hidden under a hoodie. “A universe that is neither easy nor … Read more

Baron Guy Ullens de Schooten Finds Love Again: Meet His New Girlfriend

2023-08-12 03:55:00 It may have shocked some people or at least surprised them when we announced that Guy Ullens de Schooten, the widower of “Mimi”, already had a new girlfriend. And this, just a few months after the murder of the Baroness. Our colleagues from the “DH” had announced that it was a certain Miranda, … Read more

What is the current state of Myriam Ullens de Schooten’s work?

2023-08-10 04:40:00 What remains of the work of Myriam Ullens de Schooten? The question arises when we learn today that the “Maison Ullens” (MUS), the fashion house that was so dear to him, has gone into liquidation. On March 29, the baroness, who was familiarly nicknamed “Mimi”, was killed by her stepson, Nicolas. Since then, … Read more