Advances in Stem Cell Therapy: Unlocking the Secrets to Longevity

2023-09-26 23:33:08 In recent decades, medicine and science have shown great advances and with these they could also increase the life expectancy of humanity. Recently, prominent cardiologist Ernst von Sch has caused a stir in the scientific community by claiming that humans could live to be 120 years old and still be productive. Currently, a … Read more

Breakthrough: Prolonged Function of Genetically Modified Pig Kidney Transplanted into Human Body Revealed in Recent Study

2023-09-15 13:58:00 An American scientific team succeeded in making the kidney of a genetically modified pig that it transplanted into the body of a brain-dead human being continue to work for a record period of two months, and the researchers announced Thursday, as was scheduled, the end of the experiment. Dr. Robert Montgomery, director of … Read more

500 Ouvriers Travaillent Actuellement sur le Chantier du Tram: Avancements, Pelouse Ensemencée et Effets à Coronmeuse

2023-08-14 03:00:00 ******* *** ********* **** **** **** *** ****** ** ******* ** ****** ****** ** ****** ** **** ********** *** ******** **** ******* ************* *** ** ******** ** ***** ** * ** ** ***** *** ******** ******* ***** *** ********** *** *** *********** ********* ** ** ***** ** ************** ** ***** ********* *** ********** … Read more

Effective Weight Loss with Half a Grapefruit: Insights from Al-Marsad Newspaper and Red Health website

2023-07-23 07:11:11 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A recent study revealed that eating half a grapefruit before each meal will result in weight loss by the end of the year, according to the health website “Red”. Grapefruit The study reported that all of its participants, who ate half a grapefruit before each meal, lost an average of 1.6 … Read more

Yarmouk Hospital Closure: Shocking Video Prompts Ministry of Health’s Decision

2023-07-12 13:17:01 Syrian media reported that the Ministry of Health issued a decision to close the Yarmouk Hospital for red wax, which is located in Daraa Governorate, after a video was circulated from inside the hospital’s incubator, in which a female worker used the hospital’s beds to dry mallow, despite the presence of newborn babies … Read more

Apple’s New Smart Screens: A Game-Changer in Independent Functionality

2023-07-03 13:33:39 Watan: Apple is planning to launch a new screen that contains a silicon chip of its own production, similar to the Studio Display, which contains the A13 chip. According to a report from Bloomberg Agency, that integrating the chip into the screen will make it able to work independently of Mac personal computers, … Read more