Top 10 games in 2023

2023-07-11 18:54:18 Microsoft’s current generation consoles have several great adventures to offer players, whether you own an Xbox Series X or an Xbox Series S. With exclusive and cross-platform games, the consoles have titles for all tastes, ranging from racing to RPG and more. Check out in today’s post a list of the top 10 … Read more

Assassin’s Creed Mirage wants to give body to its universe through “History of Baghdad”

2023-07-06 10:12:22 A story of discovery. Ubisoft may be going through a difficult period at the moment, but it does not forget its wishes. Certainly, the firm had to make difficult choices. Admittedly, its president, Yves Guillemot, did not manage the crisis in the most skilful way possible. Admittedly, it seems like some series most … Read more

Persona 3 Reload: New Video, Release Date, and Character Updates – Official Website

2023-07-04 03:30:00 On July 4, Atlus Co., Ltd. released a new video of “Persona 3 Reload” at “Anime Expo Lite 2023”, along with the characters “Mitsuru Kirijo”, “Akihiko Sanada”, and “Fuka Yamagishi”. ” released the main visual. The release date of this work is early 2024, and the compatible platforms are PS4 / PS5, PC … Read more

Best action-adventure games on Xbox Game Pass

2023-05-27 14:00:00 Action and adventure games usually deliver interesting journeys within different proposals. You can kill orcs, explore a medieval world or even venture to different planets in a galaxy far, far away, with the certainty of many hours of fun. If you also like this type of journey, check out the 5 best Xbox … Read more

“Blacksteinn Studio: The Outsourcing Team Working on Obsidian Entertainment’s Avowed and Other AAA Games”

2023-05-21 19:28:00 A few weeks ago became knownthat in the development of a fantasy role-playing game Avowed from Obsidian Entertainment 3rd party support studio participates Digimancy Entertainmentfounded by veterans Obisidian and InXile, but it’s not the only outsourcing team to help produce the Xbox exclusive role-playing game. As it turned out, the Blacksteinn studio, based … Read more

All Xbox Game Pass games on consoles

2023-05-15 19:13:00 With many heavyweight games, check out the complete list of all games available on Xbox Game Pass for consoles Popping up as one of the top reasons to get a Microsoft console these days, Xbox Game Pass boosts Xbox Series sales a lot. In an increasingly expensive market, the chance to play countless … Read more