Zena deified Plutarch [βίντεο] – 2024-04-15 06:05:40

A little later, the well-known public relations manager Haris Sianidis was added to their company. The singer did not stop for a minute to deify Yannis Plutarchos while singing each of his songs, showing that she enjoys her presence in the store. The singer followed his favorite habit of greeting his audience and that’s how … Read more

“I’ve seen him twice in…” – 2024-03-30 12:32:51

More specifically, Grigoris Arnautoglou had said that he had a misunderstanding with Giannis Plutarchos, that he has some issues with him. Initially, Yannis Plutarchos said: “There has been no direct call from Grigoris, but I love him very much. Grigoris is trolling guys. He is a terrible person. In fact, he also introduced my children, … Read more