In February of the lunar calendar, the 2 zodiac animals of the year 1 year old flourished

Pig Age. The Year of the Pig is a zodiac sign that has a lot of luck in life. However, they don’t always get the red carpet. There are times when destiny encounters difficulties and obstacles. At work, Pigs also face great pressure like everyone else.The horoscope predicts that in the coming February of the … Read more

The zoo held the “Tiger and Rabbit Handover” ceremony… The rabbit was bitten and almost became a thrilling moment of the New Year’s Eve dinner | International | CTWANT

Although some animals grew up in zoos and behaved very docilely, their instincts are still there, especially when encountering prey, which can easily lead to wild awakening. A zoo in Linfen City, Shanxi Province in mainland China recently held a special “Tiger-Rabbit Handover” ceremony to celebrate the transition from the Lunar Year of the Tiger … Read more

Close-up of traffic at the gateways of the Capital on the afternoon of the 28th of Tet

As noted by a reporter of VietnamPlus Electronic Newspaper at the end of the afternoon on January 19, the number of vehicles pouring into the streets in the capital began to increase. (Photo: Minh Son/Vietnam+)In the area of ​​Vo Chi Cong street towards Nhat Tan bridge, vehicles follow each other to change lanes. (Photo: Minh … Read more