13 years later discover the truth

Writer Lindsay Cohen Karp received an unexpected medical diagnosis after years of suffering. A writer and mother of two children who he was in pain and had trouble walking was misdiagnosed for 13 years by doctors. They even recommended physical exercise. However, she eventually found out about the devastating truth. Lindsay Cohen Karp, 39 years … Read more

The average age of aesthetic treatments drops to 20 years

Spaniards are starting aesthetic medicine treatments earlier each time, since if a decade ago it was at 35 years old, in 2022 it will drop to 20, according to a report by the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME) that links this older demand among the youngest profile to the social media influence. According to … Read more

“20 years ago I was waiting for this moment, to be in front of my wife’s murderer,” said Carlos Carrascosa

For the first time, entering the courtroom to witness the trial for the crime of María Marta García Belsunce (50) was chaotic. The large number of crowded people waiting to enter was due to the fact that on this day the widower Carlos Carrascosa (77) will testify. This is the third trial to investigate who … Read more

The Voyager, two antiques that celebrate 45 years exploring space

Launched in 1977, they are NASA’s longest operating mission and the only spacecraft to have explored interstellar space. They have three million times less memory than a smartphone and transmit 38,000 times slower than a 5G connection They are the only probes that have explored interstellar space. The twin Voyager probes of NASA have become, … Read more

He met his thief again and told his story on Tik Tok – People – Culture

The story of Lupita Villalobos went viral after she told how she met and confronted a person who had robbed her 10 years ago when she went to school. Suspense, comedy and vindication is what the narration of the woman who captivated Internet users with her peculiar way of telling her anecdote has. As reported … Read more

Spain will suffer within five years a deficit of 9,000 doctors

The White Tide manifests itself in Murcia in defense of primary care. / EDU BOTELLA / EP The specialty of family and community medicine is one of those with the worst expectations, along with psychiatry Spain will suffer a deficit of 9,000 doctors in 2027, especially with regard to graduates in family and community medicine. … Read more