Her husband died in a plane crash 16 years ago; A similar tragedy awaited Anju Nepal plane crash-Co-pilot Anju Khativada’s Husband Died in Similar Mishap 16 years ago – News18 Malayalam

Anju Kathiawada, who was the co-pilot of the Nepalese plane crash last day. A Yeti Airlines flight that took off from Kathmandu airport with 72 passengers crashed while preparing to land at Pokhara airport. Anju Kathiawada was the co-pilot of the flight. This was Anju’s last flight as a pilot. If the plane had landed … Read more

nepal | Yeti Airlines: the shocking photos and videos of the moment the plane with 72 people crashed to the ground and the rescue efforts | Video of the plane crash in Nepal | pokhara | ATR 72 | WORLD

Nepal It was the scene of a tragic accident involving a Yeti Airlines plane that crashed near Pokhara, a city in the center of the country where it was supposed to land. Videos taken at the place where the aircraft fell show the rescue tasks carried out by the forces of that country, as well … Read more

nepal | Yeti Airlines: a shocking video filmed from inside the plane shows how the accident that left 68 dead was like | Sonu Jaiswal | pokhara | VIRAL VIDEO | WORLD

Following the tragic plane crash involving a Yeti Airlines plane which crashed near Pokhara in Nepal, and left a balance of 68 people dead, different videos with shocking images of the accident and the work of the rescue forces at the scene went viral on social networks. A live made through Facebook shows in detail … Read more