Top News Updates: First Lady of Ukraine, Defense Systems, BBC Classification, CDU Demands, and Russian Defector

2023-09-06 03:33:00 Day 561: The First Lady of Ukraine opens up about her family life. A Russian defector collects a hefty bounty for his desertion. All information in the news blog. The most important things at a glance Ukraine – Defense systems repel air attack on Kiev 5.30 a.m.: According to the military administration in … Read more

Prigozhin’s Mysterious Mission in Africa: Working at Extreme Temperatures of Over 50 Degrees

2023-08-21 21:44:00 “Working” at more than 50 degrees Prigozhin reported an alleged mission in Africa 08/21/2023, 11:44 p.m Exactly what he and his mercenaries are doing, where and for whom remains unclear. According to a video message from Wagner boss Prigozhin, the notorious fighters are back in action for Russia around two months after their … Read more

Despite Failed Uprising, Wagner Mercenaries Continue Operations: Insights into Putin’s Relationship with Prigozhin & Future of Wagner Troops in Africa

2023-07-15 06:53:00 Despite an unsuccessful uprising, the Wagner mercenaries continue to operate 7/15/2023 8:53 am Due to the uprising of his mercenaries, Wagner boss Prigozhin falls out of favor with Putin. However, the organization’s business in Africa continues as usual. Investigative journalists assume that the troops will continue to work for Moscow in the future. … Read more

Putin’s Proposed Successor for Wagner Boss Yevgeny Prigozchin: The Story Behind the ‘Grey Hair’

2023-07-14 22:49:33 While Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozchin is in hiding, there is speculation about his successor. One suggestion comes from Vladimir Putin. His nickname as commander of the Wagner mercenaries is “Grey Hair”, in Russian “Sedoy”. He is on the EU sanctions list and is said to be one of the highest-ranking military men in … Read more

Putin’s Offer to Wagner Mercenaries Nods Approval, Except for Prigozhin: Latest Updates

2023-07-14 00:49:00 Mercenaries nod, boss refuses Putin describes Prigozhin’s reaction at meetings 07/14/2023 02:49 am After the revolt of the Wagner private army on June 24, Russia’s president met several commanders of the mercenaries in the Kremlin. According to his own statements, he makes them an offer to continue fighting in Ukraine. Many would then … Read more

Generous Gesture: Prigozhin’s Act of Kindness Towards Fallen Mercenary’s Family

2023-06-16 19:21:00 On the evening of June 14, Prigozhin’s press service published a video in which the founder of the Wagner mercenary troupe is standing at the grave of a fallen mercenary, with the deceased soldier’s family next to him. He asks the deceased’s wife if she needs help. The woman replies that her vehicle … Read more