These tasks are waiting for Friedrich Merz

The new chairman, 66 years old, born in Brilon, Sauerland, almost in tears, thanked him for “the strong mandate.” At the party conference, Merz indicated the direction he wanted to take: “Powerful opposition in the federal government” had to be the CDU , win the next state elections and develop their own ideas, which lead … Read more

CDU basis for membership decision on party chairmanship

CDU Logo The next chairman of the CDU could be chosen by a member’s decision. (Photo: dpa) Berlin At the CDU, a membership decision to determine the successor of Armin Laschet as party leader is emerging. The district chairmen’s conference in Berlin on Saturday voted with an overwhelming majority for this proposal, as the German … Read more

Brinkhaus calls for cohesion at the JU in Münster

Dhe chairman of the Union parliamentary group, Ralph Brinkhaus, wants to bring the Union back to its full potential. “We as a Union must never be dependent on one face again,” he said on Sunday at the Junge Union’s Germany Day in Münster. He sees the Union as an “organization with incredible potential”. He distinguished … Read more

Laschet takes responsibility for the election results

Berlin Armin Laschet takes full responsibility: “We achieved a bitter result. I bear this responsibility for this result. I am responsible for the election campaign and the campaign, and nobody else. “ It is Germany Day of the Junge Union, the first public gathering of the CDU and CSU at which it is supposed to … Read more