Taichung Station High-Speed Train Traffic: Record-Breaking Passengers in a Single Day

2023-10-02 05:13:00
Taichung Station experienced heavy traffic on the high-speed train yesterday: 338,000 passengers hit a record high on the entire line in a single day free timesDuring the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, Taichung High Speed ​​Rail Station was packed with free-seat passengers queuing from inside to outside the station. Yahoo newsHigh-speed rail congestion during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday hits a single-day high, and the National Day holiday continues to improve Chinatimes.comThe queue for free seats “lined outside the station”!The Mid-Autumn Festival is a holiday and the Taichung High-Speed ​​Rail Station is packed with queues like greedy snakes with no end in sight. High-speed rail: Two more trains will be opened for transportation│Reporter Yang Xinyi Wang Yixuan Yang Jin│[LIVE Live]20231002│Sanli News Channel Sanli LIVE NewsWaiting in line for 2 hours outdoors for a ride!The Mid-Autumn Festival is closed and the new high-speed railway is opened to traffic and apologizes Yahoo newsGo to Google News for the full story
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