Taipei ranks 2nd in the world! Lonely Planet announces the best tourist cities in 2022-International

Lonely Planet announced the world’s best tourist cities in 2022, and Taipei ranked second. (Data photo)

2021/10/28 19:21

[Real-time news/comprehensive report]The well-known travel guide “Lonely Planet” announced the world’s best tourist destinations in 2022. Taipei ranks second in the world’s best tourist cities, and New Zealand is the largest in New Zealand. The city of Auckland (Auckland).

According to foreign media reports, “Lonely Planet” selects the world’s best tourist countries, regions and cities every year. Taipei ranks 2nd in the world’s best tourist cities in 2022. It was selected for “social tolerance” and “protection of natural landscapes and cultural experiences”; Auckland because of “prosperous cultural landscape” and “high-profile locality”. “Creativity” was selected as the first place, followed by Freiburg, Germany.

“Lonely Planet” selected the world’s best tourist country in 2022. The Pacific island nation Cook Islands won the first place, and the second and third places were Norway and Mauritius. In 2022, the first place in the world’s best tourist areas is Westfjords in Iceland, West Virginia in the United States ranked second, and Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, China ranked third.

Top 10 tourist countries in the world in 2022:

1. Cook Islands
2. Norway
3. Mauritius
4. Belize
5. Slovenia
6. Anguilla
7. Oman
8. Nepal
9. Malawi
10. Egypt

Top ten tourist regions in the world in 2022:

1. Westfjords in Iceland
2. West Virginia, United States
3. Xishuangbanna, China
4. Kent’s Heritage Coast, UK
5. Puerto Rico
6. Japan’s four countries
7. Atacama Desert, Chile
8. The Scenic Rim, Australia
9. Vancouver Island, Canada
10. Burgundy, France

Top 10 tourist cities in the world in 2022:

1. Auckland, New Zealand
2. Taipei, Taiwan
3. Freiburg, Germany
4. Atlanta, USA
5. Lagos, Nigeria
6. Nicosia, Cyprus
7. Dublin, Ireland
8. Merida, Mexico
9. Florence, Italy
10. Gyeongju, South Korea

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