Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. temporarily turns crisis into safety-Free Finance

TSMC. Schematic. (Reuters file photo)

[Reporter Zhuo Yijun/Taipei Report]Due to the proclamation of TSMC (2330), the sacred mountain of protecting the country, last Friday, led by the sacred mountain of protecting the country, it rebounded strongly by 393.91 points, regaining the 5th and 10th lines. The legal person pointed out that Taiwan stocks 9 Since the beginning of the month, it has been hit by multiple negative blows from China and the United States. It was once faced with a bottom-breaking crisis. As the US stocks stabilized, TSMC reportedly happy. Pick stocks and don’t chase high.

Allianz Investment Trust’s Taiwan stocks team stated that the trend of Taiwan stocks is still relatively volatile, mainly reflecting a number of uncertainties, such as the normalization of interest rates in the US Federal Reserve, the issue of power curtailment in China, and the decline in demand in the electronics industry next year. Take advantage of the trend to pull back and arrange, the Taiwan stock moving average has become a short square arrangement, stock picking is the key to creating profit.

Liao Zhehong, Manager of Allianz Taiwan Technology Fund, said that the recent bad news at home and abroad has continued and repeatedly tempered Taiwan stocks, and the volatility has intensified. It is recommended that investors should leapfrog the current chaos in the layout and focus on the medium and long-term growth industry trends, such as high-speed Long-term growth trends such as computing, AI, and electric vehicles have not changed, and Taiwan’s semiconductor supply chain is relatively in a favorable position.

Franklin Huamei High-tech Fund Manager Guo Xiushen said that the current Taiwan stock market consolidation pattern remains unchanged, and the third quarter financial report will be announced successively, including semiconductors, IC design, automotive semiconductors, etc., which continue to be optimistic. At present, it seems that electronics stocks have rebounded and led the way. Weighted stocks, as well as industry stocks that made up for gains after falling deep, Taiwan stocks moved upward in a benign rotation, and financial, electronics and industry sectors rose in turn, especially concept stocks such as new energy vehicles and electric vehicles. Related developments The trend is also expected to continue to be optimistic.

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