Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to set up factory in Japan, Hongkang Nagoya Laboratory, takes the lead and plans to expand production again, and business opportunities | Anue Juheng

TSMC (2330-TW) The decision was made to set up factories in Japan, and the relevant equipment supply chain moved to seize new business opportunities. Among them, the inspection factory Hongkang (3587-TW) It is expected to benefit directly. Hongkang has established a base in Nagoya, Japan, serving two major customers of automobiles and semiconductor equipment. In the future, TSMC’s outsourced third-party laboratory orders are expected to increase significantly. Hongkang has planned to invest in local capital expenditures next year. Expansion of new production capacity, great opportunities for Taiwan and Japan’s semiconductor production expansion.

Hongkang pointed out that the Nagoya laboratory is mainly engaged in material analysis. Last year, it benefited from customer orders, and profited smoothly in the second year of operation. Now we continue to feel the influx of orders from local customers. 33-50% more, and we are optimistic about it next year.

Hongkang’s current land in Nagoya, Japan, actually uses only one-third of the area. Due to the continuous increase in the silicon content of automotive semiconductors, the existing production capacity is insufficient. TSMC has decided to set up a factory in Japan. Hongkang has planned to expand locally next year. New production capacity is ready to satisfy more customers.

According to Japanese media reports, TSMC, Sony, and Denso, an automotive component manufacturer under Toyota, are planning to build a new plant in Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu. Toyota is the leader of the Japanese auto industry and an important customer of Hongkang in Japan, showing that TSMC, The tripartite partnership between Toyota and Hongkang will deepen.

In addition, in response to the development of the industry, the Japanese government explicitly prohibits the delivery of high-tech products overseas. The outside world is optimistic that Hongkang’s advantages in setting up factories in Japan will gradually appear. In addition, the efficiency of local testing companies cannot satisfy customers such as TSMC. Hope to start a new round of growth momentum.

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