Taiwan stocks explode in large numbers, and the three major legal entities bought over 3.344 billion yuan in investment letters and even 7 buys | Anue Juheng

On the last trading day before the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, Taiwan stocks fell sharply in early trading and broke the monthly line. TSMC stepped up in the intraday market and led the index to rebound by more than a hundred points. However, due to the impact of the after-hours effect of the FTSE component equity re-adjustment, TSMC suffered a surprise attack in late trading. After falling back to flat, the index exploded with a large amount of over 62.2 billion yuan, and over a hundred gains were taken back. The three major legal entities bought more than 3.344 billion yuan in total, and the investment letter even bought 7 buys.

The weighted index dropped slightly by 1 point at the end of the day (17), and closed at 17,276 points. The transaction value was enlarged to 310.737 billion yuan. The weekly line was consecutively black, and the cumulative decline was 197 points this week. Observing the changes in the legal person’s bargaining chips, foreign investors bought more than 1.599 billion yuan today; investment credit has bought more than 7 consecutive trading days, and today entered 1.185 billion yuan; self-employed companies have also switched to 557 million yuan, and the three major legal entities have bought more than 33.44 billion yuan in total. 100 million yuan.

Quanwang TSMC attracted buyers in the intraday market, and it rose 1.5% to a maximum of 610 yuan. However, the last set was heavily adjusted, and all the gains were retreated, with the flat price of 600 yuan as the closing; MediaTek, Hon Hai, Yageo , Realtek, Quanta and other electronic stocks still play important supporting roles; however, ASE Investment, Largan, Delta and others fluctuated lower.

Shipping stocks set sail again, Evergreen and Yangming rose 3-4%, Wanhai stood above 200 yuan, an increase of more than 4%; the long-lost airlines, China Airlines and Evergreen Airlines, rose more than 1% today. Sinosteel’s October trading price was flat, and the latest quotations of Fengxing Bar and H-beam steel of Donghe Iron and Steel were also flat. The Iron and Steel Corps generally retreated. Sinosteel fell by nearly 2%. Fengxing, Yehui, Dacheng Steel, etc. Selling pressure is also heavy.

The demand for high-speed transmission continues to be optimistic. Weifeng Electronics, a subsidiary of VIA Group, launched the world’s first USB4 terminal device control chip VL830, which is regarded as a major update of the USB architecture. Weifeng Electronics attracted funds today, and the strong attack rose by 518 yuan, and 3 The high-speed transmission IC design houses Xiangshuo, Genesys Logic, and Spectrum-KY are also favored by buyers, with strong gains.

It is worth noting that high-priced stocks staged a ranking battle today. Fubon Media was included in Taiwan’s 50 constituent stocks after the market. It was sought after by buying in early trading. It once attacked 2,190 yuan and squeezed Xinhua to become the third most expensive stock in Taiwan’s stocks, but sold under pressure. Following its release, the stock price plummeted. At the same time, Xinhua also flooded into large orders, driving the stock price to rise by half a limit, closing at 2,275 yuan, narrowing the gap with Largan.

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