Taiwanese Baseball Team’s Victory at Hangzhou Asian Games: Complete Game Recap and Highlights

2023-10-01 12:39:00

2023/10/1 20:39 (updated at 10/1 22:47)

The Taiwanese baseball team of the Hangzhou Asian Games played its first game on the evening of the 1st against the Thailand team, which ranked first in the qualifying round. Although Taiwan lost 1 point in the first game, Lin Li successfully hit a 3-pointer in the second half of the 3rd game, helping the team reverse the score and tie the game. Lead the offensive.Photographed by Central News Agency reporter Zheng Qingyuan on October 1, 112

(Central News Agency reporter Yang Qifang, Hangzhou, 1st) The Asian Games baseball event started today. The Taiwanese team played the first game against the Thai team. Although the starting pitcher Wu Shengfeng lost 1 point in the first inning, Lin Li hit a three-pointer in the third inning. They scored 7 points in a single game, and then scored 5 points in succession. In the end, they defeated the Thai team 12-1 in the 7th game and won their first victory.

In the match between the Taiwanese team and the Thai team, Wu Shengfeng took charge as the starter. In the first inning, he encountered turbulence and was knocked out 3 hits in a row. In addition, center fielder Shen Haowei had some flaws in handling and lost 1 run.

However, the Taiwan team launched a counterattack in the third inning. After Dai Peifeng took the lead in hitting the hit, Zheng Zongzhe relied on the fielder’s choice to get on base, and even used a quick-leg offensive. He successfully launched two stolen bases and captured third base. Then Lin Ziwei selected After the walk, he also successfully stole a base, leaving second and third base occupied. Lin Li hit another three-run home run to reverse the situation and take a 3-1 lead.

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Lin Li’s offensive continued in the third inning. After Wu Nianting hit a hit, he performed his second steal of the game. Li Haoyu’s ball caused an error by the third baseman and added another 1 run. After Shen Haowei hit a hit, the pitcher made a wild throw. After 1 run, both Lin Zihao and Dai Peifeng were walked. Lin Zihao stole second base. When the bases were loaded, Zheng Zongzhe came on for the second time in a single inning and hit two RBIs. Taiwan took a 7-1 lead.

In the 4th inning, Lin Anke and Wu Nianting hit doubles one after another and scored 1 point. In the 5th inning, Lin Ziwei hit a 2 RBI double and scored 2 more points in the 6th inning. Finally, they won 7 innings ahead of schedule.

The Taiwan baseball team, known as the strongest in the past three Asian Games, and the Thailand team ranked first in the qualifying round, as well as South Korea and Hong Kong, are divided into preliminaries Group B, and the top two teams in the group advance to the super round-robin semi-finals. (Editor: Guan Zhongwei) 1121001

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