Taiwan’s late night of September 1st “Jedi War Howling 6” and “Desperate Different Dimension” remakes, live broadcast the latest information | 4Gamers

It’s tonight! The remastered versions of “Polar War Howling 6” and “Desperate Dimension” will start from midnight on September 1st, Taiwan time at 0:00, and will relay the latest game information through live broadcast.

At 0:00 midnight on September 1st, Taiwan time, Ubisoft will release the actual Xbox Series X gameplay screen of “Polar War Howl 6”; according to the observation of many new weapons and elements brought this time, a lot of information should be revealed this time. It’s no surprise that this will be on Ubisoft’s official Twitch channel (Web link)。

In another scene, the remake of “Desperate Different Dimension” was launched at 1:00 late at night. This show is hosted by the development team Motive Studio. Senior producer Philippe Ducharme and creative director Roman Campos-Oriola will lead players to watch the development progress this time.

The entire content will be made public on Motive Studio’s official Twitch channel (Web link)。



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